Conni & Co 2
Original Title: Conni & Co 2
Year: 2017
Director: Til Schweiger
Writers: Vanessa Walder
Cast: Emma Schweiger, Oskar Keymer, Heino Ferch, Iris Berben, Ken Duken

Conni verbringt mit ihren Freunden wie jedes Jahr ihre Sommerferien auf der Kanincheninsel. Doch das Kinder- und Naturparadies ist in Gefahr, weil der Bürgermeister und ehemalige Schuldirektor Möller ein großes Hotel auf der Insel errichten will. Als die Kinder dank Hund Frodo einen Saurierknochen auf der Insel finden, wittern Conni & Co. eine Chance, den Bau zu verhindern...

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Conni & Co
Original Title: Conni & Co
Year: 2016
Director: Franziska Buch
Writers: Vanessa Walder
Cast: Emma Schweiger, Til Schweiger, Oskar Keymer, Heino Ferch, Iris Berben, Ken Duken

Die zwölfjährige Conni erlebt einen schweren Start in der siebten Klasse, weil sie die Schule wechseln muss. Was noch viel schlimmer ist: Sie darf ihren zugelaufenen Hund Frodo nicht behalten. Frodos Besitzer ist der rücksichtslose Direktor Möller, der nicht nur seinen Schülern das Leben zur Hölle macht: Als Conni und ihre Freunde merken, dass Möller noch dazu ein übler Tierquäler ist, planen sie eine verzweifelte Aktion: Rettet Frodo! Mit solidarischem Mut und cleverem Erfindungsgeist stürzen sich Conni & Co in das ebenso spannende wie lustige Kino-Abenteuer, erstmals nach der seit 25 Jahren erfolgreichen Kinderbuchreihe...

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Original Title: Tschiller: Off Duty
Year: 2016
Director: Christian Alvert
Writers: Christoph Darnstädt
Cast: Til Schweiger, Fahri Yaradim, Luna Schweiger, Özgür Emre Yildirim, Alyona Konstantinova, Erdal Yildiz, Tambet Tuisk, Berrak Tüzünataç, Kida Khodr Ramadan, Stefanie Stappenbeck

Following the events in Hamburg, Firat Astan is sentenced to life in prison in Turkey and Nick is suspended from duty for some time. He uses the time to look after his daughter Lenny. It is not an easy job, as Lenny is not able to cope with her mother’s death. Nick is worried that she may blame him for Isabella’s death. When Lenny doesn’t come home one day, it seems as though she has finally run away. Yalcin, Nick’s partner and friend, manages to locate Lenny’s mobile phone – in Istanbul. For Nick, a long and extremely dangerous journey in search for his daughter begins…..

Original Title: 8 Saniye
Year: 2015
Director: Ömer Faruk Sorak
Writers: Esra Inal, Nuran Evren Sit
Cast: Esra Inal, Fahri Yardim, Mehmet Kurtuluş, Firat Çelik

ESRA leads two parallel lives. In her worldly life as a Turkish Berliner in a re-united city, the vivacious and spirited Esra adores her family but feels caged in her relationships and languishes in her job. She clashes with the rules imposed on her and continually feels that something is missing, something is wrong, and there must be something more. In her dream life she yearns to discover the identity of the familiar man who visits her dreams and makes her feel whole. Yet the more she attempts to comprehend her dreams, the more deeply they influence her life. While in waking life she struggles in vain, in her dream life she evolves in secret. But what if waking and dreaming were never separate and the real secret is shared by all? A film inspired by real events...

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Year: 2014
Director: Til Schweiger
Writers: Hilly Martinek, Til Schweiger
Cast: Til Schweiger, Emma Schweiger, Dieter Hallervorden, Jeanette Hain, Jan Josef Liefers, Dar Salim, Katharina Thalbach, Tilo Prückner

“HONIG IM KOPF” is a story about a special love, the love between TILDA and her grandfather AMANDUS. Amandus has Alzheimer’s. He always was the bon vivant, the humorous and beloved head of the family; now he starts acting like a child. Only the ten-year-old Tilda can deal with him and his disease - she looks at it with the eyes of a child and a kind of humour and sensitivity that makes it easier to approach Amandus when he is lost in his new own world. This special connection approaches the disease in a humorous but emotional way, without forgetting about its tragedy...

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Original Title: KOKOWÄÄH 2
Year: 2013
Director: Til Schweiger
Writers: Béla Jarzyk, Til Schweiger
Cast: Til Schweiger, Emma Schweiger, Samuel Finzi, Jasmin Gerat
Synopsis: ..
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Year: 2012
Director: Til Schweiger
Writers: Til Schweiger, Paul Maurice
Cast: Til Schweiger, Luna Schweiger, Moritz Bleibtreu, Karoline Schuch, Heiner Lauterbach, Rainer Bock, Herbert Knaup, Hannah Herzsprung, Kostja Ullmann, Axel Stein, Oliver Korittke

Max Fischer (Til Schweiger), an ex-special forces soldier, is hired to protect troubled teen Nina (Luna Schweiger); troubled because she witnessed a brutal murder and some very mean people want her very dead. Betrayed and on the run from the murdering arms dealer Thomas Backer (Heiner Lauterbach), a man who will stop at nothing and nobody to achieve his goals, loner Max and orphan Nina grow increasingly closer as circumstances forge them from strangers to friends, their insecurity becoming trust, each one relying on the other for protection. Turning to Max's former comrade-in-arms, the handicapped Rudi (Moritz Bleibtreu), Max and Nina's new found safety proves to be only temporary. Again forced to flee, they seek refuge with Sara (Karoline Schuch), the love of Max's life and, unknown to him, the state prosecutor who has been charged with Nina's witness protection. It's now a race against time as Sara seeks to bring the two runaways into safety as the vicious Backer pulls out all the stops. Little do Max and Sara know, however, there is a traitor in their ranks. Events pile onto one another, the body count rises until things climax in a furious firefight: bullets fly and yet more lives will be lost...

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Original Title: KOKOWÄÄH
Year: 2011
Director: Til Schweiger
Writers: Til Schweiger
Cast: Til Schweiger

Henry (Til Schweiger) is an unsuccessful screenwriter and just as unhappy going from one casual relationship to another. Out of the blue he gets a promising job offer to co-write the screenplay of a bestselling novel together with Katharina (Jasmin Gerat). She is not only the author of the novel, but Henry’s ex-girlfriend and love of his life. He now has a second chance and things could not get better when an 8 year old girl, Magdalena (Emma Schweiger), shows up at Henry’s door and turns his life upside down. Magdalena is his daughter from a long-forgotten one night stand 8 years ago and her mother Charlotte (Meret Becker), who is attending a court hearing in the US, insists Henry takes care of Magdalena until she returns. Henry is shocked and so is Tristan (Samuel Finzi) who thought for 8 years that he was Magdalena’s biological father. Life will never be the same for any of them. It is not easy to become a father overnight, moreover if faced with writing a screenplay and winning back one’s true love...

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Original Title: Zweiohrküken
Year: 2009
Director: Til Schweiger
Writers: Til Schweiger
Cast: Til Schweiger, Nora Tschirner, Matthias Schweighöfer, Emma Schweiger, Ken Duken, Edita Malovcic, Thomas Heinze, Heiner Lauterbach, Marc Hosemann, Pegah Ferydoni, Elyas M’Barak, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Jasmin Gerat, Karoline Schuch, Denis Moschitto, Wladimir Klitschko

One year later… Anna (Nora Tschirner) and Ludo (Til Schweiger) have moved in and work together in the kindergarden. But instead of peaceful harmony and never ending romantic bliss they are reduced to fighting about toilet paper. When Ludo returns to his former job as a photo-journalist he meets his beautiful ex-girlfriend Marie (Edita Malovcic), reminding him of his former care-free bachelor days. Anna’s growing jealousy pushes Ludo away who is eventually leaving her. This suits them both until Anna’s ex-lover Ralf (Ken Duken) appears – a smart and younger guy, an excellent cook and great in bed. Both Ludo and Anna find themselves back in the arms of former lovers and their once wonderful relationship is on the rocks. Is it over? Not if it turns out to be the one and only true love...

Original Title: Phantomschmerz
Year: 2009
Director: Matthias Emcke
Writers: Matthias Emcke
Cast: Til Schweiger, Jana Pallaske, Stipe Erceg, Luna Schweiger, Antje Traue, Julia Brendler, Carina Wiese, Alwara Höfels, Ellenie Salvo González, Ralf Dittrich

Marc Sumner (Til Schweiger) is a man in peak physical condition who has never had to pay nearly as much attention to his loved ones as he does to his training. Ruggedly handsome and an enthralling storyteller, Marc charms all those around him - especially women. He keeps his life simple and unfettered by working odd jobs and shirking responsibility, such that he can travel the world conquering agonizing courses on his beloved bicycle. Unreliable and constantly broke he even evades parental duties with his daughter Sarah (Luna Schweiger). But she forgives him almost anything as does Nika (Jana Pallaske), a beautiful young woman who drifts in and out of his love life. Marc pedals hard on the pavement and drifts through the days until one night on a dark road… everything changes. Waking up in the emergency ward he faces the worst possible news and he does what most men would do. He rages. He denies. He refuses to accept his fate. In the end he has no choice but to rebuild his life and to start over…..

Original Title: 1½ Ritter
Year: 2008
Director: Til Schweiger
Writers: Oliver Ziegenbalg, Oliver Philipp
Cast: Til Schweiger, Rick Kavanian, Julia Dietze, Thomas Gottschalk, Mark Keller, Udo Kier, Tobias Moretti, Ralph Herforth, Gregor Bloéb, Thierry van Werveke, Stefanie Stappenbeck, Tim Wilde, Anna Maria Mühe, Denis Moschitto, Hannelore Elsner, Dieter Hallervorden, Roberto Blanco, Helmut Markwort, Ken Duken, Johannes Heesters

The honourable knight Lance (Til Schweiger) and his small time crook wanna-be knight sidekick Erdal (Rick Kavanian) go on a quest to save the King's daughter, Princess Herzelinde (Julia Dietze). They experience a medieval time that nobody has ever seen on the silver screen. Medieval times show a lot of similarities to today's times: brand name knight's armor, minstrel casting shows, flexible working times for the serfs...

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Original Title: Keinohrhasen
Year: 2007
Director: Til Schweiger
Writers: Til Schweiger
Cast: Til Schweiger, Nora Tschirner, Matthias Schweighöfer, Alwara Höfels, Jürgen Vogel, Rick Kavanian, Christian Tramitz, Armin Rohde, Barbara Rudnik, Wolfgang Stumph, Brigitte Zeh

The boulevard is his turf. Paparazzo Ludo (Til Schweiger) and his buddy Moritz (Matthias Schweighöfer) are hunting for big stories about celebrities, starlets or pit bunnies. Sometimes he even believes in the scandals he invents until one day it all goes down the drain: He is condemned to 300 hours of social service in a kindergarden. This is Anna's (Nora Tschirner) realm who has hated the heartbreaker since childhood. She lets Ludo feel every last bit of her loathing towards him. Caught between the gossip columns and the playground he discovers another side of himself and finds true love. It is the headline of a lifetime!..

Year: 2006
Director: Reto Salimbeni
Writers: Reto Salimbeni
Cast: Til Schweiger, Lauren Lee Smith, Sebastian Robert, Michael Clarke Duncan, Eric Roberts, Stefanie von Pfetten, Art Hindle, Ned Bellamy, Kenneth Welsh, Sandra Hess

Eddie Snyder (Til Schweiger) is a successful creative director at a top advertising agency in New York. Eddie is about to get married to Judy Birk (Stefanie von Pfetten), the daughter of his boss. Eddie’s life seems to be the perfect dream. After winning the biggest pitch he finds out that his fiancé’s brother, Anthony (Sebastian Roberts), has raped Eddie’s co-worker and best friend, Angelina (Lauren Lee Smith). The Birk family brings in their top-notch lawyer to construct a strong defense strategy. Anthony blackmails Eddie with evidence of his countless affairs in order to force Eddie to provide a false statement in court. To maintain his impeccable image and not to endanger his upcoming marriage Eddie helps him to get off the hook. The victim, Angelina, is devastated of this betrayal. Judy finds out about Eddie’s affairs and breaks off the engagement. Moreover her father fires him such that Eddie finds himself tossed out of his perfectly created world. Having lost everything he cares about he gets in a public argument with Anthony which does not remain without consequences. Angelina confronts Anthony to make him understand what he did to her. When Anthony reacts with his spoiled arrogance Angelina loses control and kills him. Unfortunately, the police focuses on Eddie as the main suspect. With no support from former family and friends Eddie finds himself in prison facing a trial for a crime he did not commit. Exposed as a notorious liar in court it seems at first that Eddie will be sentenced to life imprisonment. A well-hidden family secret evolves and a heart gripping revelation forces Eddie and the Birk family to change their minds and to deal with the consequences of their deceitful ways...

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Original Title: Barfuss
Year: 2005
Director: Til Schweiger
Writers: Stephen Zotnowski
Cast: Til Schweiger, Johanna Wokalek, Nadja Tiller, Michael Mendl, Steffen Wink, Alexandra Neldel, Imogen Kogge, Janine Kunze, Axel Stein, Markus Maria Profitlich, Armin Rhode, Jürgen Vogel

Nick Keller (Til Schweiger) is the black sheep of the family. He can not hold a job for more than a few days. His stepfather Heinrich (Michael Mendl) and his brother Viktor (Steffen Wink) call him a loser. Only his mother (Nadja Tiller) still believes in him. As he is fired from yet another job at a psychiatric ward, he prevents - at the very last second - the suicide of young Leila (Johanna Wokalek). When Nick returns home she secretly follows him and suddenly stands in his kitchen in the middle of the night in a nightgown and barefoot. Nick is at a loss: Leila refuses to return to the clinic. She has decided to stay with him… forever. Nick who has never assumed any responsibility in his life for anyone and Leila who grew up completely isolated from the outside world, leave together on a trip that will change their lives…..

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Synopsis: ..